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$ 1,000
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$ 750 - $ 1,500

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Dear Sir/Madam,

We need one feature in the vertex backoffice that there should be a privilege that admin can hide the account name and details from other dealer.

For Example : 216712: DEMO SIA

As a admin i don't want to show the client name " DEMO SIA" to other dealer who are accepting only trade orders, the dealer will only be able to see the client's account number "216712" not the name.

For anything else let me know.



Administrative Note:

This was developed by Hybrid Solutions in the latest patch. Therefor, this project ios closed.

Skills Required:

Backoffice Plugins
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Posted On: 10-08-2012

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  • osense 17-07-2013

    Dears, This feature is developed from Hybrid solution on the backoffice terminal it self to be as a dealer privilege please check version 10.1.9 or later.

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Hi, We can develop a separate application to be dealt as a Chatting Screen for your system,, this can't be done on the system itself, since it is a core functionality, but we can do this for you as a separate Plugin, and you give this plugin to your dealers, so they Accept/Reject/Requote the orders from this plugin not from the backoffice... This is not a simple thing to be developed within your budget ($1-$100), and we can do this for you with $1000, and the ETA is 10-14 days.. If you agreed on this, we can give you more details on how we can secure this to prohibit your dealers from accessing the Backoffice and see your client's names, and can only access the plugin only.. Regards. Optimized Sense

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$ 1,000
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Bid on: 22-07-2012